Photo: Felix Oberhage

Please visit The Volksboutique Small Business!

Choriner Strasse 51
Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
U2: Senefelder Platz
M1: Schwedter Strasse

Open Fridays 12h – 18h and by special appointment!
The Small Business features a 4-meter long oak apothecary counter filled with an inventory of talismans for visitors to consider. Christine, the proprietor and service provider, provides a file box of »attributes« on flash cards, and together with the visitor assembles them a care package that consists of the objects they’ve selected with the character traits they’ve assigned them.
The conversation between Christine and the Small Business client hinges on the consideration, evaluation and admiration of quotidian objects. These invested selections are packaged together in a Volksboutique version of a Whitman’s Sampler box that is then embellished and personalized for them. The result is a unique ephemeral package that represents the exchange between Christine and the visitor and provides a formidable keepsake.

Current exhibition:

Christine Hill
Galerie EIGEN+ART Leipzig
Spinnereistrasse 7 Halle 5
04179 Leipzig

Show run: September 17 – December 17 2011

Photo: Uwe Walter

The show features a scaled-up, life-sized version of the familiar German children’s toy, a Kaufladen. Visitors to the gallery are invited to ascend the actual construction and take their position behind the sales counter to pose for mobile phone snapshots in the guise of The Proprietor. The shelving contents reference phrenological divisions/assignments of the brain – the collected wares on display are assigned meaning and priority based on their placement and labeling. Taxonomically, these goods address a series of existential questions and considerations.

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